Name: Jason Hart
Age: 20
Occupation: DITR employee
Listen to Jason's voice

Jason was just a normal youngster before he joined DITR. He spent his days without worrying much about anything, living with his mother and working as an office boy in a small town. The weird incidents of his childhood had not troubled him for years, and as far as he was concerned he was no different than any other guy in his hometown.

All that changed as soon as William Hungerton entered his life. He made Jason understand that he was special, and he offered him a job and a ticket to a new residence and a new life.

Now, away from his friends and his hometown for the first time in his life, Jason will need to find out what his new job is all about. The more he learns about the shocking truth, the more his desperation will grow. He will walk along a one way path from which there is no return, and he will unveil a truth that will change him for ever.