"Arguably the most important adventure game I have encountered"
Just Adventure
- Grade: A

"Diamonds in the Rough has taken the development of indie adventure games to a new level of standards - which other indie developers will surely emulate for years to come"

Adventure Classic Gaming - Grade: 4/5 stars

"Surprises come in succession till the amazingly orchestrated ending, during which I was left gaping due to the tension and suspense it emitted"
Adventure Advocate (Greek) - Grade: 4/5 stars

"Diamonds in the Rough is one of the finest adventure games of the last few years and clearly the best independently developed adventure I've ever had the pleasure of playing"
Four Fat Chicks - Grade: GOLD STAR (5/5)

"A 'must have' title for all adventure gamers"

"The script is exceptional, the writing is awesome, the research that Alkis did sounds out of this world and it's one of the few games that invoke such intense feelings"
PC Master Magazine (Greek) - Grade: 80%

"Diamonds in the Rough with its innovations in puzzle design and the gripping, twisting, if not to say even stirring story absolutely deserves this high rating"
Adventure Archiv (German) - Grade: 83%

"The great and surprising story, simple controls and clever puzzles are absolutely on par with the best modern high budget productions. Clearly this game has been designed by adventure fans for adventure fans"
Adventure Spiele (German) - Grade: 4/5 stars

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Ever wondered what the character you were controlling was thinking? In DITR, you will be able to access Jason's thoughts and use them as actual objects in the game, just like inventory items!

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Recommended requirements:

Samples of the game's music are now available!

A playable demo is now available!

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